Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the requirements for signing up?

    How do I get started? Signing up is very simple. It's like pouring yourself a cup of coffee. Just click on the obtain a quote button and you'll be done within 5 minutes, tops!

  2. I use another bookkeeping system. Can I switch to Xilch/Xero?

    Absolutely! You can easily transfer customer and supplier information, chart of accounts, and get started right away. We’ll do all the legwork and you just get back to doing more business. 

  3. Is there a trial period?

    No, there is no trial period but we only expect for you to work with us for a minimum one month. So put us to the test for one month and find out how we can make your work life easier.

  4. What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit and debit cards and direct transfers into our bank account. 

  5. Is there a minimum contract period?

    We’re pretty much a pay-as-you-go service. Pay a month at a time—with no surprise fees at the end of the month, mind you! If you decide to cancel, you simply need to provide us with one month’s notice to cancel and the fees will be prorated subject to the number of days work remaining.

  6. How do I cancel if I decide it’s not right for me?

    It’s fairly simple. Just give us a month’s notice, and that’s it!

  7. Will I get instructions to help me get started?

    Of course! And we’ll help you every step of the way.

  8. What types of support are included in Xilch?

    We provide full online support, during working hours. Just shoot us an email and will get back to you, pronto! Our expert Xero-certified bookkeepers are also on standby to assist you with any questions you may encounter during setup and in the future.

  9. Can I access Xilch on my mobile phone?

    Yes! Nothing beats getting the information you need right away. As long as there’s an Internet connection, you simply take out your mobile phone and voila! Xilch gives you everything you need about your business finances.

  10. Can I move from one Xilch package to another?

    Of course! You can upgrade from one Xilch package to another as needed. We’ll just bill you a new monthly fee.

  11. How often does Xilch get updated?

    Xilch is updated regularly to make sure we’re up to speed with regulatory or legislative developments and, of course, to add new superb features that will enhance your experience.

  12. Where are my books done?

    Xilch’s offices are right at the heart of the Philippine’s financial district—the Philippine Stock Exchange is just 200 metres down the road. Think George Street, Sydney. The facility is an A-grade, 50-floor office tower built to the same standards as any tower in Sydney or Melbourne.

    We maintain a secure office environment with electronic ID badges, biometrics, 24-hour security cameras and a secure and locked down network and IT environment. We’re proud to say that we have a very professional office culture with an ex-pat Australian management team.

  13. Who exactly will be doing my books?

    Only accountants with at least 5-7 years experience (either in-house or from a firm with exposure to Australian firms and the Australian tax system) are aboard Xilch’s team. Many of them are Certified Public Accountants (US-certified). They work in a secure office environment under the supervision of an operations manager.

  14. How do I keep control?

    If you already use Xero then you have your answer. It is fantastic!

    You can log in via the Internet or your smartphone at any time and instantly see a dashboard that can be customised to show you whatever you want to see. The nanosecond one of the bookkeepers does anything at all, such as a bank reconciliation, then it is visible on the dashboard.

  15. How does the digital filing stuff work?

    We set it up for you and show you how it works, so don’t worry about the technology side of things.

    All of your suppliers are told that they must send their invoices to a particular email address (which you control). We have really clever software that intercepts these emails and opens up any attached invoices. The software then memorises the invoices and creates a draft entry in the accounting system. The original invoice is kept as an attachment—so if you want to see an original invoice, it’s just a click on a link away—and that link is there for all time!

    As for approval process, we notify you when invoices are sitting waiting for approval and all you need to do is log-in, view and approve.

  16. Do you have access to my bank account?

    No. Xero has a connection between itself and most of the world’s major banks. Each night your bank would send a list of all your transactions to Xero. This is great as it means Xilch doesn’t need to have access to anything and it means the reconciliation reports are always accurate and balanced.

  17. But where are my files?

    Your files—primarily copies of invoices—are all  in the cloud. This means they are sitting inside a server located in a range of data centres replicated around the globe.

    Xero manages all this—not Xilch. Xero is a huge New Zealand-based multinational with very sophisticated data centre operations around the world. More than 200,000 companies use and trust Xero.

    If all of Xero’s data security layers are destroyed  to the point where your files are lost then it pretty much means some kind of Armageddon event has taken place and there will be tens of thousands of companies in the same boat.

  18. Is the cloud the Internet?

    Nope. The Internet is what you use to connect your device to the cloud. The cloud is where your data is stored securely.

  19. How safe is your data in the cloud?

    It’s very safe. Safer, in fact, than if you store it on your computer drive. Gadgets, laptops, desktops and devices can be lost, damaged or worse still stolen.

  20. Is cloud computing expensive?

    Not at all! In fact, cloud computing will cost you a lot less in the long run. Imagine not having to pay for additional backup systems, support fees, system maintenance and upgrades. That’s a great investment!

  21. Will the cloud be difficult to use if you’re not ‘tech savvy’?

    Not too tech savvy? All the more reason why should rely on the cloud. No need to download or install anything. Just log in and see your books be managed!

  22. Won’t I lose control of my data in the cloud?

    In the cloud, you will actually have better control of your data. Why? Because you can access it anytime, anywhere, and on any device! Another great thing about it is you can control who can access your data.


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